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Episode Descriptions

Each Totally Trucks episode uses trucks to teach a skill - like spelling, counting and shape identification. But kids don't even know they're learning, they just know it's FUN. We give kids lots of what they love - TRUCKS in live-action! Big trucks, small trucks, trucks you've never seen before digging, scraping, grinding and dumping.

Garbage Monsters shows kids what happens after the garbage truck leaves the street. They visit a recycling plant, a landfill and a green waste site. They meet a compactor, a bulldozer and a snaggletooth loader. By the time they're through, they'll be able to pick out a circle, an oval, a semicircle, a square, a triangle and rectangle. Wow, it sure takes a lot of shapes to make a truck! (ages 1-6)

Dirt Monsters helps kids spell along with words like DUMP, SCOOP and DIG as the busy Dirt Monsters work the construction site. And children love to teach the trucks the alphabet song too! (ages 1-6)
Fire Monsters is for kids who LOVE fire engines... HEY RECRUITS! Grab your fire helmets and turnout gear, because we're in training! You're going to learn how to rappel, how to handle a hose and how to open a fire hydrant. Want to know the difference between a pumper and an aerial ladder truck? Get your boots on and get ready to roll with the Fire Monsters! (ages 4-10)

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fire monsters 2 dvd cover
Fire Monsters 2 Ever wonder what firefighters call their trucks? Want to know what's inside the fire chief's truck? Want to know how much water a pumper carries? Get your boots on again! It's time to roll out and you know the difference between a pumper and a ladder truck! (ages 1-10)

Metal Monsters takes kids to a scrap yard and an auto wrecker. They'll love seeing forklifts smash cars and count them as they go into the crusher. Kids will learn how things that break are recycled into new things that they use every day. But who's thinking about learning when there's so much fun to be had? (ages 1-6)

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rock monsters dvd cover
Rock Monsters Want to spend the day at a rock quarry? Want to see how big rocks in a mountain get drilled and smashed into small rocks in a road? Want to see an explosion? How about some of the biggest dump trucks in the world? Come check out the Rock Monsters for the most exciting stone-crushing, rock-smashing action. This video is for kids who love trucks! And honestly, who doesn't? (ages 1-6)

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roll monsters dvd cover
Roll Monsters Want to know how a road is paved? Want to check out an emulsion sprayer? How about a bucket crusher? Come on and watch as the roll monsters spray it, flatten it, and pour it to make the road smooth. This DVD is for any kid or grownup who loves trucks.

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Fire & Dirt Monsters -- 2 Pack This 2 dvd pack is a SUPER DEAL and gives kids lots of what they love - Big trucks, small trucks, trucks you've never seen before, digging, scraping, grinding, and dumping. Next, grab your fire helmets and turnout gear, because we're in training! This fast-paced collection delivers fire engines AND construction vehicles as they dig, move-out, rescue and pour, all the while teaching little ones to spell words such as "dump" and "scoop". Bet they can guess them all!