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We know how crazy boys go for trucks. We have kids. We get it. There are a couple of years in a kid's life where trucks are the language they use to speak to the world, and as insane as it makes us parents, it's a connection to the universe for our children. To that end, we've provided a ton of free truck stuff on this site. Sit your kid on your lap for a few minutes and click around. You can't miss it.

Want more? Then check out our dvds, up top. Also check out our Facebook page and our Youtube truck videos.

Many Totally Trucks episodes use trucks to teach a skill - like spelling, counting and shape identification, with all their truck buddies in live-action video. They all showcase big trucks, small trucks, fire trucks, trucks-you've-never-seen-before digging, scraping, grinding and dumping trucks trucks trucks!

We hope you enjoy all the free truck stuff on this site. We love how rewarding and fun it is to raise a kid. Especially a child who enjoys engaging with the physical world. Totally Trucks is just that -- HUGE, REAL-WORLD, WORKING TRUCKS!